Digital marketing is the ideal complement to TV broadcast advertising.We pride ourselves on our close relationships with all the leading players across established and new digital channels.Element specializes in maximizing multichannel campaigns through years of hands on direct response planning and buying.

The UK is a natural first step to European expansion. With campaigns active across major European markets including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and others, Element has the contacts and resources to roll out successful UK campaigns to Europe and beyond. Other key overseas TV markets we work with actively include Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the Americas.

Key Digital Specialities

Digital video

From broadcasters to major publishers to DSP's,we actively manage video campaigns directly,putting marketers' successful TV advertisements to work in the web's most powerful channel.


Social is a very powerful anchor for marketers' digital campaigns.Maximum visibility and engaging content creates high relevance on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter,which customers expect today


More topical than digital but with a wider and very cost effective reach, native advertising should be a part of every marketer's multichannel digital plan. Native is quickly evolving new and engaging formats that we're finding help meet our clients' goals.


Working with dozens of key influencers in fitness, beauty, housewares, food and drink, and sleep segments, we've found this channel to be one of the most cost effective ways of turning potential customers into official customers. Platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Direct and Private Marketplace

Once highly responsive publishers or channels are identified, Element works quickly to form tighter, more efficient relationships to add scale effectively. Each deal is unique, but we've formed them with TV broadcasters, premium publishers, and demand side platforms alike.

Digital is also the perfect place to test TV creative in international markets quickly, effectively, and very cost efficiently. We often recommend clients do a digital test in new markets with us before their TV broadcast tests. Valuable creative, offer, messaging, and audience response data can thus inform optimal TV media planning.

Long Form

Element buys more long form airtime than any other agency in the UK and Ireland. Market dominance like this assures better media rates, access to more airtime opportunities, and better strategic planning, including long term deals on key channels.

Short Form

Our direct response only focus ensures we get the lowest possible rates on short form availability. If fact, many of our long form clients begin short form campaigns soon after their show launches.
Whether your goals are ROI or retail support, Element has you covered on more than 120 channels in the UK and Ireland..

European & Worldwide Airtime

The UK is a natural first step to European expansion. With campaigns active across major European markets including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and others, Element has the contacts and resources to roll out successful UK campaigns to Continental Europe.


Navigating the UK's advertising standards can be difficult and time consuming for foreign marketers. Express Clear helps by providing a one stop solution to get you on air quickly whilst maintaining your advertising's marketing integrity

How it works

Express Clear will match your advertisement with an appropriate compliance advisor who specializes in one of the following categories:

  • Fitness & health

  • Nutrition

  • Beauty

  • Financial

  • Entertainment

  • Business opportunity

  • Children's

  • Educational

Experience working for you

We are a consortium of the UK and Ireland's most experienced compliance officers, editors, and producers employed by media owners to ensure that broadcast material exceeds all advertising standards. Many of us produce UK compliant creative for a living and have strong relationships with the clearance organizations

what plan you need?

Review Deliverable


Confirm what legislation your creative falls under (Clearcast, ASA, RACC, etc.)

Identify and report on all major compliance issues

Custom report referring all major issues back to the appropriate advertising code

In depth, line by line review of all compliance issues

Detailed amendments and edits from professional compliance editor

Product efficacy report for UK and EU

Submission to Clearcast until approved (up to four times)

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Fast, general overview of where your creative stands

Pro Review From £499

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The perfect solution to get your creative ready for broadcast in the UK.