EMD is a direct response media agency. We create value for our clients through targeted media buying and relentless testing overlaid with 25 years in direct response.


Performance TV media

For brands ready to grow, no medium is as powerful or as scalable as television. EMD’s client-side media buying philosophy centers around performance placement and rates. Our buyers work directly with broadcasters at discounted rates built for adverisers’ maximum ROI. Specializing in D2C, Direct Response, and drive to retail.

Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising

EMD brings the accountability of online media with the response of podcast advertising. Combining handpicked, proven podcasts grouped by interest and demographic, we build efficient and scalable audiences for our clients.

Podcast Paid Advertising

global distribution & media consulting

Brands looking to scale beyond their local markets need experienced local partners in key markets to leverage their existing campaigns overseas. EMD offers flexible solutions for brands internationally, from wholesale third party distribution to bespoke international launch planning.