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Performance Podcast Advertising ROI

Element brings the accountability of online media with the response of podcast advertising. Combining handpicked, proven podcasts grouped by interest and demographic, we build efficient and scalable audiences for our clients.



With 18 publisher partners, and thousands of proven podcasts, unlimited customized options to efficiently and effectively reach your audience

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we do our homework, measuring and evaluating each campaign qualitatively and quantitatively to ensure optimal performance.



Podcast advertising is thriving, and there's a lot more than just host-read, inserted. we pride ourselves on finding ways to enhance engagement and discover new opportunities to grow your brand

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With thousands of podcasts available, there are overvalued, undervalued, and remnant media.  With performance as our #1 goal, we've created networks of the most relevant and efficient podcast media for our clients.


"Podcast traffic is among our highest converting."

— Patrick Hefler, Beachbody

The Element Difference

Devoted to Service

The best performing podcast media is often among the hardest to identify and buy.  By putting in the work, our clients see lower rates, better response, and more sustainable campaigns.